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Glubran 2 Synthetic Surgical Glue

Glubran 2
is a synthetic surgical glue, TGA certified for internal and external use, with haemostatic, adhesive, sealant and bacteriostatic properties.

It is a synthetic, biodegradable, cyanoacrylate-based glue, modified by the addition of a monomer synthesised by the manufacturer, GEM (Italy).

When used in a moist environment, Glubran 2 polymerises quickly and at low temperature into a thin elastic film, which has high tensile strength and firmly adheres to the anatomy of the tissue on which it is applied. Once polymerised, it acts as a bio-inert material.

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Product Codes

Synthetic Surgical Glue (Boxes of 10 x 1ml vials)


  • Ready for use
  • Easy application
  • Strong adhesive, haemostatic, sealant and bacteriostatic properties
  • Effective antiseptic barrier
  • Rapid polymerisation at low temperature
  • High coefficient of elasticity
  • Latex-free

Indications for Use

Glubran 2 is indicated for use in:

  • a wide range of open and laparoscopic surgical specialities and procedures,
  • digestive tract endoscopy,
  • interventional radiology and vascular neuroradiology procedures as an embolic agent.

It can be applied alone or in combination with sutures, potentially reducing the number of sutures required while resulting in a more secure suture line.

Presentation: sterile, single use 1ml vials; ready for use

Storage: 0-4 degrees Celsius. Do not FREEZE.
When stored under recommended conditions, Glubran 2 has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

ARTG No: 158438

Prostheses List Rebate Code: MG038





  • GEM-G-NB-2

    Glubran2 Synthetic Surgical Glue 10 x 1ml vials

    Sterile, single use Box 10

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