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Atraumatic Hernia Mesh Fixation Applicator

Glutack® – A total evolution.
Designed with years of inherited experience of Glubran® 2 in atraumatic laparoscopic and laparotomic mesh fixation.

Glutack® is a user-friendly device for the atraumatic laparoscopic fixation of hernia mesh. Providing precise and consistent delivery of Glubran® 2 (NBCA+MS) with every pull of the trigger, to minimize surgical complications and the potential pain associated with the use of tacks and staples. Improving surgical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

  • One Glutack ® dispensed with every pull of the trigger
  • Glutack® + Glubran® 2 = 1 high performance adhesive tack
  • No change in clinical practice: delivery method is similar to traditional mesh fixation devices
  • Glubran® 2 effectiveness in repairing hernias with less post-op pain, less complications, less recurrences and cost-effective is largely documented
  • Atraumatic mesh fixation, enabling natural tissue ingrowth
  • GEM-GB-DS-25

    Glutack Device 25 Drops

    PL Code: MG048

    Sterile, single use Each

  • GEM-GB-DS-50

    Glutack Device 50 Drops

    PL Code: MG048

    Sterile, single use Each

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