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Electro Lube Anti Stick Solution

Matrix Surgical is the proud distributor of Electro Lube Anti Stick Solution, manufactured by Key Surgical.

Electro Lube is designed for use in open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery to minimise the build-up of char and the associated disruption to surgery. Electro Lube can be used on a wide range of instruments including diathermy pencils, monopolar scissors, L-hooks and Spatulas and Maryland bipolar forceps.

The application of Electro Lube to electrosurgical instruments prevents instruments from sticking to tissue and tissue sticking to instruments. It also facilitates cutting and coagulation, allowing more precise cuts, improving the quality of electrocautery performance.

Electro Lube saves time and money by decreasing interruption to surgery to clean instruments, and protects instruments from damage caused by electro-surgery, scraping and reprocessing.

Electro Lube is a mixture of natural non-flammable, non-allergenic biocompatible phospholipids with no known side effects to the patient.

Presented in a 4ml bottle of Electro Lube (anti-stick solution) with Foam Pad( radiopaque) with adhesive backing.

Simply apply a thin layer to the tip of the instrument prior to use.

Sterilisation: Radiation

Presentation: Sterile, single use, Box of 20

  • EL-101

    Electro Lube Anti-Stick Solution

    4ml bottle of Electro Lube (anti-stick solution) with Foam Pad (radiopaque) with adhesive backing Each

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