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marClamp® Cut IQ

marClamp® CUT IQ — The new combination instrument for open surgical vessel sealing


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The marClamp® CUT IQ instruments, in combination with the maXium® electrosurgical unit, are used for bipolar vessel sealing, followed by tissue separation, with no need to change instruments!

As soon as the tissue is gripped, the switch integrated into the instrument automatically triggers the special SealSafe® IQ sealing current so no additional foot switch is required.

When sealing has been performed, the current is stopped and an acoustic signal sounds.

Convincingly simple due to “Plug & Play” function, the maXium® HF generator recognizes the connected instrument thanks to innovative IQ technology and sets the required parameters immediately.

Economically unbeatable

The ingenious part about marClamp® CUT IQ is the very low cost per application, which is the result of complete reusability and the minimal proportion of disposables accounted for by the sterile blade.

Reliable dissection, sealing and separation with just one instrument

  • Reproducible, swift sealing process
  • Shorter operating times
  • Minimal lateral heat spread
  • Substantial cost saving due to reusability and low proportion accounted for by disposables
  • Optimal cutting results due to sterile disposable blade
  • Manual activation
  • “Plug & Play” function
  • Easy handling and reprocessing
  • Auto-clavable at 134°C
  • Sealing length: 17 mm and Cutting length: 15 mm



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