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marSeal5 plus

marSeal5 plus — A new dimension in intelligent vessel sealing

The marSeal5 plus rings in the new generation of bipolar sealing instruments from KLS Martin. It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be taken apart and cleaned to the highest standards.


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Seals vessels up to 7mm with 360mm Hg burst pressure.

The combination of the correct current type, SealSafe® IQ, and pressure on the tissue produces a permanent sealing zone. The tissue is cut exactly in the middle.

The corresponding current – SealSafe® IQ – is supplied by the high-frequency generator maXium®. Together, they form a bipolar sealing system that converts Endogenous structural proteins like collagen and elastin in such a way that veins, arteries and tissue bundles are permanently and reliably sealed.

By optimizing the sealing process, sealing time is up to 25% faster.

The marSeal5 plus system features an integrated blade that is used to cut through the tissue in the center of the sealing area immediately after sealing.

All this without changing the instrument. And in a single step. This saves valuable surgery time and therefore money.




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