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marVac® – The innovative system for efficient smoke evacuation



Enhanced visibility and maximum safety at the operating site – Surgical smoke is a trouble of the past!

Simultaneous evacuation to high-frequency activation

The smoke evacuator marVac® offers reliable protection from particles, viruses, gases and carcinogenic substances that pose serious health threats to staff and patients. When used in automatic mode, the smoke evacuator is only active when needed, triggered by HF- or laser activation.

  • Individual parameters can be memorized in the user program of the maXium®
  • Extended filter-capacity due to special filter technology
  • Two suction hoses can be connected, each individually or simultaneously
  • TURBO mode – huge quantity of smoke can be quickly eliminated from the OR   field.
  • LAP mode – Specially designed for Laparoscopic procedures, suction parameters will be automatically limited and the reflux of gas will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Obstruction control
  • Connection to central suction device possible
  • High Efficiency – Surgical smoke can be extracted directly from the surgical site, where it is created.

Changeable main filter unit

The specially designed filter system which corresponds to ULPA* standard provides safe and effective protection in the operating theatre. The large inner-filter-surface provides a long-lasting lifetime.marvac-filter

The main filter unit provides two different connections. Suction tubes with Ø 22 mm as well as with Ø 10 mm can be connected individually or simultaneously.

The filter status will be measured permanently and shown on the indicator. A required filter change will be displayed by the smoke evacuation system, early in advance.

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