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maXium® — HF and Standard Electrosurgery Generator


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The HF generator maXium® supplies corresponding SealSafe® IQ sealing current. The advantage for you is that, when you plug in the IQ sealing instrument the maXium® unit automatically displays the name of the connected instrument and selects the corresponding current with the relevant default values.

If you do not wish to work with the instrument-specific default values, simply change them as required and save the new values in the usual, program-specific manner. The advantage of this method is that when the IQ instrument is plugged in again, your customized values will appear instead of the default values. This underlines the plug & play philosophy of KLS Martin.


maXium® when used with marVac®.

maXium®, maXium® Beamer and maXium® smart Cart. Together they form a first class system for open and endoscopic argon plasma surgery. The maXium® smart Cart exhibits a compact and ergonomic design to securely accommodate all the equipment.



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