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Non-Stick Red Forceps

The new bipolar forceps from KLS Martin – with Non-Stick effect and a revolutionary ergonomic design 

Improved Heat Conductivity

A special feature does the trick – polished noble-metal tips offering excellent heat conductivity. Thanks to this property, the tissue cannot adhere to the tips of the forceps.

The heat is discharged from the tips quickly and effectively. 

And what’s more, the Non-Stick effect will last because the tips are not merely coated, but made of solid noble metal.

Heat Conductivity Standard Forceps

The thermography image shown here demonstrates that in the case of a standard bipolar forceps, the heat becomes trapped at the tips of the forceps. The heat cannot be quickly and effectively transported away. The tips of the forceps become clogged with tissue as a result. 


Guiding Mechanism

The guiding mechanism ensures the accurate, highly parallel closure of the pre-tensioned forceps and prevents “tip spread” as well. This, in turn, prevents fatigue in the user’s hand and facilitates the dissecting process.


The ergonomic handle surface provides for secure handling and prevents fatigue in the user’s hand.


Shank Geometry

Thanks to the view-optimized geometry of the shanks of the forceps, the surgeon’s hand and the cable connector are kept out of the surgical field. This is particularly advantageous when working under the operating microscope.





The Benefits at a Glance

Bipolar coagulation through heated saline solution

Reduced tissue adhesion

Precise application of fluid

Irrigation fluid guarantees a clean and clear operating field

Can be used with all current HF generators



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