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Smoke Filters

During laparoscopic surgical procedures involving electrocautery, smoke accumulates in the peritoneal cavity, obscuring view.  This smoke contains carcinogenic particles, viruses and odour causing noxious chemicals which when released, are harmful to patients and staff.


Our passive smoke evacuation filters connect to the gas outlet of the trocar.  When the thumbwheel is opened, smoke is released and filtered, removing these harmful materials while maintaining the pneumoperitoneum.

Passive Smoke Evacuation Filters are recommended for use during laparoscopic procedures involving insufflation, laser, electrocautery or ultrasonic scalpel.

  • Viral/Bacterial Efficiency 99.999%
  • Deodorization Efficiency 48%
  • Minimum Particulate Size 0.26μm
  • Filtration Surface Area 33cm²
  • Typical Air Flow Rate  15L/min @ 1psi
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 30psi.

Presentation: Individually packaged, Sterile, Single Use, Box of 25

Sterilisation: Ethylene Oxide

  • AMD-ASF-3000

    Smoke Filter

    Sterile, Single Use Box 25

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