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Vorotek LED Headlight

Portable Surgical Quality LED Illumination

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Vorotek LED Headlight provides 75,000 lux of bright white light from a 5-watt LED for improved visualisation.

The dimmer function provides 7 levels of illumination and the integral link system allows easy adjustment and stability of the headlight.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Vorotek LED Headlight is fully portable;  no tethering to mains power, and one less power cable in the Operating suite.   The battery incorporates a strong clip for securing to waistband, breast pocket or back of the surgical gown.

The battery provides 10 hours of ‘on time’ on the highest level of illumination.    Alternatively, the headlight can be run on mains power by use of an adaptor plug between the headlight and charger.

The Vorotek LED Headlight is available in 2 models: the headband model and the specframe model.

Headband Model

The headband model is lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable, making it ideal for shared use.  It can be used over prescription spectacles and loupes.


SpecFrame Model

The lightweight titanium spectacle frames can be fitted with prescription lenses for individual surgeon use.  After the initial setup, there is no requirement for ongoing adjustments or realignments.



Both the Headband and SpecFrame models come in a lightweight, durable compact carry case, complete with rechargeable lithium ion battery and 12.6Vbattery charger.

VEBL-10 Vorotek_Battery-Pack-Charger

Headlight: 3 years
Battery: 18 months

ARTG No: 140373

  • VLHH-D

    Vorotek Cable-Free LED Headlight with battery, charger &


  • VLHS-D

    Vorotek Cable-Free SpecFrame LED Headlight with battery, charger &


  • VALH-S

    Vorotek Leather Headband Cover


  • VCHC

    Vorotek Headlight Case


  • VEBL-10

    Vorotek Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery


  • VECM-10

    Vorotek Battery Charger


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